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Forum Meeting Intro

Below is the final email sent out to members before the meeting.

Meeting Format
In talking to a few of you I’ve been trying to get a feel of how we should format the meeting. As it is the first meeting, the best format would be to keep it simple, and we can work out the group dynamics and directions from there.

6pm: Artichoke opens (I’ll be arriving for set up – As you all know, preparation is king)
7pm: Official start time
Gather upstairs, casual meeting and introductions
I’ll be scheduling music, performance or recording and casual Q&A session
8pm: Official opening address, then performances and/or playback of music.
Finish at X o’clock… X O’clock is when we have overstayed our welcome, and Rick the owner of the cafe needs to sleep.

Michael Thompson, will be handling audio/PA requirements (This dude rocks) with his new Mackie rig. I will have my keyboard there (Korg 01/W, straight from the 90’s).

I’ve ordered some canape’s, and you can order coffee/drinks at the bar (Not totally sure about the alcohol licensing requirements, but I believe that technically you must be ordering a ‘meal’ to be ordering alcohol).

Objectives for the evening
If everyone who attends gets at least one new idea or meets one person that changes or inspires the way they create and produce music, then that is the main goal achieved.

Other goals I have in mind include assisting in generating editorial content for the www.musicproducersforum.com website. I’d like to be profiling music productions, the producers, techniques and the tools they used and who they worked with. I’d like this to be an opportunity to get you and your work promoted, and develop and grow the forum to be a valuable tool to music producers. I’ll also be working on interviews with the best music professionals I can get in contact with.

Video Production of the meeting – (Let’s call it a Vlog.. Video Log)
I’ve also started a “Quick & Dirty” vlog for the evening (Video log). So far I’ve created the intro titling sequence.
Click here to check it out.
I’ll be “Videoing” some candid footage tonight (Just using the video function on my compact digital stills camera), and Youtubing it into the website.
If someone wants to produce an audio score for it… let me know (The production budget for this is a cold beer :-), and the brief is Keep It Simple S(*& ).

Down the track
In my current 9-5 role, I’m involved in the film & TV industry (Media about the media, and thats another 5 hr conversation.). Let me know if you would like me to find some film, tv, web producers who are looking for audio material that they could use (Either commercially or on a free-permission basis). I’m sure that I would find someone who would be happy to come in and talk. There are also a lot of “Trop-Fester’s” who need original music/scores.

We can also discuss a schedule for ongoing meetups. Hunt me down, and give me your thoughts!

Looking forward to meeting those of you coming tonight.



About Jomar Reyes

Jomar Lectures in Creative Industries as well as Digital Media in Marketing at the Danish Institute of Studies Abroad. He also runs the Strategic Media Company, a corporate consultancy agency based in Copenhagen.


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