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Direct Note Access: A Whole New Age in Audio Editing

Have you ever wanted to mold audio like it were clay, and transform it as you please? This new technology takes the possibilities of editing audio to an entirely new level. You won’t believe this until you hear and see it !

Celemony introduces Direct Note Access for Melodyne at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, heralding a whole new age in audio editing. With Direct Note Access it is possible for the first time to edit individual notes within polyphonic audio material. Possible applications range from the simple correction of errors to the complete refashioning of harmonies and timing. The first product to feature the revolutionary Direct Note Access will be Melodyne plugin 2, which is due for release in fall.
With its unique editing possibilities and outstanding sound quality, Melodyne has for years been regarded worldwide as the leading audio tool for pitch correction and the refashioning of timing and melody. With Direct Note Access, the Munich software house Celemony is now offering the next stage in its evolution: access (including the full range of editing possibilities) to individual notes within recordings of polyphonic instruments.
With Direct Note Access, polyphonic audio material is ‘exploded’ in the Melodyne Editor’s display, so that the user can see the individual notes of a chord displayed at their various pitches and edit them individually using the familiar Melodyne tools. As parameters, you therefore have access to the pitch, position in time and duration of each note as well as
its vibrato, pitch drift and formant spectrum – you can also change the volume and even the internal evolution of each note.
Direct Note Access makes possible fascinating and enormously useful types of intervention in the audio material that were unthinkable before, ranging from subtle correction to re-composition. So a Melodyne user can, for example, correct a wrong note within a piano recording, tidy up the timing of the individual notes of a chord and even retune an out-of-tune guitar after the recording has already taken place. These possibilities place existing recordings in a completely new context and at the same time enhance to an immeasurable extent the value of material from sampling libraries.
Comments Melodyne inventor Peter Neubäcker: “We are delighted, with Direct Note Access, to have made a reality something of which we – and others too – have long dreamed. The access to, and ability to edit, individual notes within polyphonic audio material is the logical continuation of something that has always been our aim with Melodyne: to offer users a musical form of access to the content of their audio material that is as intuitive and far-reaching as possible and that can serve equally well for making corrections as for the creative refashioning of material.”

To learn more about this exciting new technology that will change the way audio can be edited forever, visit www.celemony.com



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