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SoundCloud is a new online audio platform for music professionals. `After getting fed up with the crappy tools available for sending and receiving music they felt they’d do things a little differently.

SoundCloud is simple, it lets you…

  • Send Music: Send tracks to one or 1000 people; any size, any format, super fast and flexible. SoundCloud is dedicated to music only and specifically designed to make sending tracks a super fast and hassle-free experience. Sometimes you only have 30 seconds to send a track. No problem, just upload, click send and you’re done. For other tracks you might have more time to add artwork, genre-info and then send a nice looking pre-release to your promotion list. Either way, the uploader is fast and smooth without putting any clutter in your way.
  • Receive Music: Receive your new tracks in your dashboard where you can quickly listen through, remove, comment or favorite them, before deciding if you want to download. One log in, one place, don’t worry about the links. Think of the dashboard as your music inbox, but with a play button. Want people to send you music? Put a SoundCloud DropBox on your own site or myspace page and let any visitor instantly send you a track. You’ll receive them nicely arranged on SoundCloud making it easy to scan through before you download anything.
  • Manage contacts: You can add people as SoundCloud contacts and easily give them access to your track with a single click. Or, use email addresses and send the track directly to one or a few hundred people. For any track you send you can always check exactly who has access and who has listened or downloaded.
  • Giving and receiving feedback: “You know that bass swoosh sound just before the part right after the break? Do you know where I mean?” Sometimes talking about music is a bit tricky. So, to make it easier every single track on SoundCloud has a kick-ass online player with track waveform. For every track you send or receive you can start a conversation at any point in the track by putting in a timed comment anywhere in waveform. Very simple, very effective.

For more info visit www.soundcloud.com


One thought on “SoundCloud

  1. It’s a cool service, yet I can’t believe more musicians aren’t raving about it! I particularly like that last feature you mention – not just feedback, but attached to specific points in the wave, how many misunderstandings is that going to resolve!

    Posted by realstrings | 6 November, 2008, 11:18 pm

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