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Jeff Beck to Honor Les Paul

Jeff Beck Commemorates Les Paul’s 95th Birthday with Special Intimate Performance at the Iridium Jazz Club on June 9, 2010. Beck will pay tribute to his mentor and friend, the late guitar great Les Paul, with an intimate show consisting of Les Paul’s memorable classics along with some rockabilly favorites. Advertisements

Selling More of Your Songs – Breaking Even with Online EP

Irish band The Script’s song Breakeven was their third single released in late 2008. It was one of those song’s that worked well on the radio, and I genuinely liked the production on the radio edit. Great lyrics (Eg. “What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you…”), unique … Continue reading

Getting help with “Music Worth Buying”

As music listeners we all invest in the music we love. The internet and services like  iTunes has revolutionized the way we not only hear our music, but also buy it. There’s an amazing catalog of music we all now have access to as well as the onslaught of new music in our faces. But … Continue reading

The iPad DJ

Attending the first iPad Dev Camp, renowned technology blogger and author Robert Scoble saw Rana Sobhany, and managed to interview her demonstrating her iPad DJ’ing setup.

Editor’s Music Blog Post #002: Mixing it with Max

This week, caught up with Max, at his home to talk through some music ideas. We met for the first time a few weeks ago and caught up over a couple of beers, (after being introduced by my father in law). The meeting brought up surprises and serendipity that I neither of us expected. Max … Continue reading

Reflecting on Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser

At a tradeshow a few years back, I was talking to an audio distributor about a pair of telephone headsets that they represented. I asked a question if a particular feature was on their roadmap, and whilst I don’t recall the exact question, I clearly recall the answer. “Professor Sennheiser does not believe that the … Continue reading

Editor’s Music Blog Post #001- Starts Here

For many of us, music becomes a drug, way before it becomes a profession. It gives us a rush like nothing else, and when we are in our ‘zone’, whether we are performing, writing or practicing, we feel at one with the universe (As corny as it sounds… it’s the only way I can describe … Continue reading

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