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Monthly Mix: June 2010 Music Producers Forum Update

Here’s the mix from June 2010, of the most view and favorite stories published on the Music Producers Forum website. Each month, we’ll condense a collection of stories, giving a quick overview of articles.

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Discussion of the Month

This month’s featured discussion on Linkedin is ‘What is the future of music’. Click here to join the discussion and share your thoughts.

We recently reviewed the John Mayer concert, and felt pretty lucky to catch him as his following shows in Europe were canceled due to illness. We all wish him a quick recovery. Another top story was the Steve Jobs interview at the D8 conference.

Cafe Retro, was a recent discovery where the Music Producers Forum now holds regular meetups.

John Mayer Concert Review – 2010 Copenhagen

John Mayer Live at Forum in Copenhagen 2010

In recent years, John Mayer has been a victim of his own ‘Stupid Mouth’ and has generated publicity that kept the gossip columns and the Paparazzi’s cameras in rapid fire. I must admit, my thoughts were that the young up and coming artist that I really dug in 2002, let the whole ‘fame thing’ take him away from what he was born to do. I did write him off as a lost soul that sold out to the masses and succumbed to the wicked ways of the rock star. But after the evening of May 30, 2010, John Mayer redeemed himself…. big time.

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Getting to Know Steve Jobs at D8 2010

For us as people who have a vested interest in the commercial future of the music industry, Steve Jobs is a man we need to get to get to know. Love him or hate him, (and many of us love to hate him) just about all of us have found Apple technology has worked its way into our lives, either with the iPod or the iPhone, or the lure of a Macbook with Garageband, Logic or Protools.

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Tips for the Mix to the Master

The mastering process (As covered in Mastering Explained) identifies how mastering is a separate finishing process in finalizing your production. Music Producers Forum resident mastering expert,  Grammy Nominated Adrian Carr follows up Mastering Explained with his tips in preparing your song for the mastering process.

There’s three parts in the sound production process when you’re making a CD: recording, mixing and mastering. Although these three stages may overlap somewhat, they are three distinct parts, each with their own guidelines, concerns and tools. A professional mastering engineer will only do mastering. I’ve mastered top names in the music business as well as indie artists and I’ve put together some simple guidelines for you to ensure great results in Mastering:

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Reflecting on Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser

At a tradeshow a few years back, I was talking to an audio distributor about a pair of telephone headsets that they represented. I asked a question if a particular feature was on their roadmap, and whilst I don’t recall the exact question, I clearly recall the answer.

“Professor Sennheiser does not believe that the feature is ready for their quality standard that their brand represented.” It almost felt like he was going to say, “Let me get him out here to see if he can discuss this with you”. In the days of corporate brands and takeovers, it has been good to know that a family business can take on the world, and still remain a family business. A business that has had a profound effect on audio, music, film and television production.

Professor Sennheiser passed away on 17 May 2010. His legacy is a phenomenon for the film, TV and audio production worlds.

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Copenhagen Meetup, April 2010 – Cafe Retro

In many ways, Copenhagen is one of Europe’s creative capitals. Known as the home of story writer Hans Christian Andersen this city’s cobble stone streets not only have stories to tell, but still today bring out the best in story telling. It is a town that inspires all artists.

Deep in the winding streets of ‘Old Copenhagen’ is Cafe Retro, a venue like none that I have experienced. A true artist’s venue. With old furniture and it’s 70’s style wall paper, this venue has it’s own groove. We moved the Music Producers Forum meetup from the night before, to the Thursday night to start an hour before the weekly open mic. And what a night we were in for, in a breeding ground for the next HC Andersens of music.

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Jeff Beck to Honor Les Paul

Jeff Beck Commemorates Les Paul’s 95th Birthday with Special Intimate Performance at the Iridium Jazz Club on June 9, 2010. Beck will pay tribute to his mentor and friend, the late guitar great Les Paul, with an intimate show consisting of Les Paul’s memorable classics along with some rockabilly favorites.

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Editor’s Music Blog starts

In the search for regular content for the Music Producers Forum, writing a blog on my own music activities seemed like a great way to find some interesting experiences to share. From meeting new songwriters, musicians to producing music and events who knows what I’ll run into next.

Click here to view current blog entries

From the archives

Types of Music Producers and their Functions – MPF Talks to David Kershenbaum

With technology having such a profound impact on the music industry, we asked Grammy Award winning producer David Kershenbaum how he saw the role of the Music Producer has been impacted. And it seems that the core functions are like the golden rules that have not changed.

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Basic Songwriting Techniques Part I

A great tune never gives you good enough warning as to when its going to hit you, and if your not prepared it could walk out of your head forever, as quickly as it strolled on in. I’m putting down a few techniques I’ve developed over the years on capturing these precious notes.

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