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Video: Social Music where Facebook welcomes Spotify – Is this the break the music industry has been waiting for?

Today, Facebook has added some music subscription weight to its offerings in welcoming Spotify as a player in it’s stable of new media apps. Are we looking the biggest historic shift in music distribution, since Apple’s iTunes paved the way that Napster could quite achieve? Is this the ‘Social Solution’ that the music industry desperately needs? … Continue reading

iPad music production ‘dogma’, putting creativity first: the rUbba nEck Manifesto

With your iPad at hand, here’s a chance to get your songwriting and production skills into action. Music Producer Chris Lee Ramsden, follows the Lars Von Trier  footsteps for electronic musicians, creating the manifesto for rUbba nEck. Interested? Read on…  Music production can be a long, tortuous process. But it doesn’t have to be. Most … Continue reading

Video: Alica Keys’ producer opens Jungle City studios

Ann Mincieli not only defies the trend of a male dominated trade of music producers, she has also opened her own $5 million studio in New York city in 2010. One of Alicia Key’s music producers, Mincieli is a veteran of many years in the music industry having done just about every job that a … Continue reading

Video: LP33 talks to Jay Sean

From the UK, Jay Sean is a record producer, who is also a singer, songwriter and rapper who has had huge commercial international success. Inspired by American Hip Hop music, Sean talks about his earlier influences in music, and his signing with US label Cash Money Records. Jay Sean is popularly know for his songs, … Continue reading

Social Media for your music – A guide to Twitter and Facebook

If there were 2 social networks that music artists should have a strong digital footprint in, it is Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with reportedly over 750 million members (Sept 2011). Twitter can seem like it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but tens of millions of fans are … Continue reading

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