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Artist Preview: Barry Southgate, an artist bringing change and not standing idol

Barry Southgate’s Epitome EP

True success is well and truly earned, and that journey means taking initiative and simply getting things done. Songwriter, producer and vocalist Barry Southgate is living by these rules. His motto is ‘bring change somewhere’, which is a simple yet profound philosophy.  As an independent artist with a solid fan base, he’s producing his own catalogue of music as well as co-writing with fellow artists, Stan Walker being one of his most successful collaborations to date.

Barry’s online research for Bruno Mars stories brought him to our article post Bruno Mars, the next generation of hybrid producer, songwriter and artist. In taking the initiative to contact us in a personal email, (and no where in his email did he use the ever so annoying phrase ‘Hey, Check out my music’), I invited him for a conversation interview for our newly launched podcast series (Music Producers Forum Podcast 2011 Epsiode 3 – Coming soon).

Barry comes across as an old friend that you feel that you have known for years. We do share the same hometown of Sydney, and it didn’t take too long to find a couple of mutual friends.  Like many of us involved with music, for Barry, music was a part of his environment as a child, with his father and younger brothers playing guitar, singing and his mother a gospel singer with her church. He has a wildly diverse cultural background, of South African origin and a mixture of African, German, Indonesian and English decent. He grew up in New Zealand, venturing to Sydney Australia in 2003 to take a shot at the music industry.

The second season of Australian Idol saw Barry making it through to the finals performing to a capacity audience at the Sydney Opera House, which was televised and viewed by millions. Australian Idol got Barry’s work exposed to a greater audience and opened many doors having then worked with some of Australia’s popular artists, including Guy Sebastian, Rebecca Mauboy, Stan Walker, Delta Goodrem and Paulini.

Barry hasn’t let complacency take any of  his momentum, and in September 2011 he produced and wrote his EP Epitome, a fully independent project. Driven by his own initiative, Barry has also built up the support of an active and loyal street team who gets his work and the Barry Southgate brand out there.

I’m sure that our interview won’t be the last conversation we have with Barry, and we’ll be tracking his progress and sharing some wisdom from his challenges and his success.

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