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Sounds Underground Filming Danish Music Festival: Musik i Lejet

The Music Producers Forum will be filming the Musik i Lejet music festival in Denmark’s north coast. The Music Producers Forum’s founder Jomar Reyes will be on hand with co-producer Max Sayganov to film for the Sounds Underground documentary series.

Musik i Lejet, held annually in the old fishing village called Tisvldeleje, was started by local twin brothers Kristian & Andreas Grauengaard and Tine Sorgenfrei. In it’s 5th year, it is expected to have a crowd of over 5,000 to bring this small town to life with 21 acts over the three days in July.

Sounds Underground plan to film and interview at least 5 acts and produce a short documentary on the beginnings of the festival interviewing the founders of the festival. ‘Scandinavia is a region rich in music talent, that has developed many world famous artists, songwriters and producers’, says Jomar Reyes founder of the Music Producers Forum and director of the Sounds Underground documentaries, ‘This is a great showcase of new emerging Danish music talent, so to profile some of these artists is an honor, and I look forward to filming for the 7,000 members and followers of the Music Producers Forum’.

Jomar lived in Tisvildeleje between 1996 to 1999, moving from Australia to experience a new adventure working in the Tisvildeleje Strand Hotel. ‘My then girlfriend’s family (Now wife), invited us to work in the hotel that they just purchased. They knew that I’d always wanted to run a restaurant, and that’s what we did for three years’, says Jomar, ‘that’s how I originally met the Grauengaard twins who were 15 at the time, and we play music together. Moving back to Denmark 11 years later, it was great to see the boys working with music, supporting artists and their home town’.

The 21 acts for Musik i Lejet 2012 are as follows:

Michael Møller
From Sarah
Mike Sheridan
Stoffer and Maskinen
Kiss Me Scarlett
Chorus Grant
We Were Born Canaries
I Got You On Tape
Vagn Olsson
Reuben Hollebon
The Unusual History Of Ether
Jonas Breum
Ulige Numre

From Musik i Lejet 2010

About Sounds Underground: A documentary series produced by Strategic Media Company and Music Producers Forum to unearth new and emerging songwriting and music talent. Sounds-Underground.com.

About Musik i Lejet: An annual 3 day music festival held in the north coast of Danish island of Zealand, in an ancient fishing village called Tisvildeleje. MusikiLejet.dk

Top image courtesy of Maria Laub
Middle left image courtesy Maj Jeanne



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