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Turning Music Into Food: An Interview with Mike Turner

After recently mastering a new EP for 20 Amp Soundchild, I spoke with producer, Mike Turner. He’s a great performer turned producer with the behind-the-scene insights on the music world today. Enjoy! AC: Can you tell me about Pocket Studios today? MT: I developed Pocket Studios as a great place for bands to work where we … Continue reading

How Many Plug-Ins Do You Use?

The following article was taken from a seminar my studio partner Bryan Martin and I gave at our mastering studio, Sonosphere, here in Montreal this October.  I wish you all could have been there but here’s a couple things we’ve learned about the design of most plug-ins.

The Secret to Success in the New Music Business?

Adrian Carr is a 4 times Grammy Nominated mastering engineer, and resident mastering advisor and contributor at the Music Producers Forum. He shares some precious words of wisdom for us all, making a career in this new music business.     As a mastering engineer I’ve seen many people hit hard by the restructuring in our industry … Continue reading

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