Jomar Reyes

Jomar Lectures in Creative Industries as well as Digital Media in Marketing at the Danish Institute of Studies Abroad. He also runs the Strategic Media Company, a corporate consultancy agency based in Copenhagen.
Jomar Reyes has written 156 posts for Music Producers Forum's Blog

Our First London meetup and the Line-up

4 Speakers, including U2’s mastering engineer Pete Maher, will be featured guests at our first London meetup held at the SAE Institute’s London campus. Pete Mayer also featured in our Music Producers Forum podcast #007 where he discussed the relationship between the producer and the engineer. Other speakers include Carlos Lellis Ferreria author of Music Production … Continue reading

Music and the Online Stream – Napster Vevo Spotify MySpace iTunes

The story of the relationship between Music and the internet could make a captivating Hollywood. It continues to unfold as the choice of online music services available continues to grow with the likes of Spotify, Pandora covering the streaming side of things and Amazon taking Apple’s iTunes head on. Vevo’s Takes on the MTV formula … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 008: Ken Caillat on his Career as an Engineer and Producer

Born in 1946, Ken Caillat is a audio engineer and Grammy winning producer who has an amazing working career with a wide range of the music of legendary acts such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, the Beach Boys, Herbie Hancock and Alice Cooper. He is best known as the producer for … Continue reading

Making Rumours – A book by Fleetwood Mac’s Producer Ken Caillat

In 1977 the British-American band Fleetwood Mac released their eleventh and most successful album, ‘Rumours’. This was producer Ken Caillat’s first album recording with the band. It is well known that at the time the band was going through a phase of relationship breakdowns. In my interview with Ken, I asked him how was it … Continue reading

Introduce yourself – Music Producers Forum Survey

Please take a moment to take the Music Producers Forum Survey. It should take less than 2 minutes. Click Here to complete survey The Music Producers Forum has grown significantly since it was first initiated in December 2007. Since then, membership through the social networks has recently exceeded 10,000 with 20 new members joining a day. … Continue reading

MusicProducersForum announces Media Partnership with Billboard’s Future Sound

The Music Producers Forum proudly announces media partnership support for Billboard’s Future Sound conference 2012. The Music Producers Forum, (Today exceeding 6,000 members on the Linkedin Group) has alway looked towards the future of the music industry, and we were honored to be invited to take part in this event by a brand such as … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 006: Media and Music – Ben Hammersley

A special interview from the Media Evolution Conference at Malmo Sweden 2012 with Ben Hammersley, editor at large of Wired magazine. Hammersley was also credited as the man who coined the word ‘Podcast’. He also discusses is thoughts on the music industry’s struggle with the internet, digital, online media and the burning topic of digital … Continue reading

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