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Selling More of Your Songs – Breaking Even with Online EP

Irish band The Script’s song Breakeven was their third single released in late 2008. It was one of those song’s that worked well on the radio, and I genuinely liked the production on the radio edit. Great lyrics (Eg. “What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you…”), unique … Continue reading

Music in the 2010’s, not Doom but Groove

A recent CNET article kind of got me thinking, not about what the article said, but what it left out. The article by Steve Guttenberg sings of the Doom and Gloom under the title “Will recorded music survive the 2010’s?”. In my opinion had this topic been more thoroughly research, all indications point to recorded … Continue reading

Exploring the Future of Music Sales

I was a bit slower to dip my toe into the iPhone world (Jumped in when the 3GS came out in late 2009). But sometimes being a “later” adopter has its advantages. The obvious advantage is using a more matured (less buggy), a much more affordable and powerful product. There is another advantage, and that … Continue reading

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