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Originally posted on Jomar Music:
‘Penetrate my Soul’ made it’s live debut, with Ineke Garder’s vocal interpretation. Even though it is a song written with a rock band kind of groove in mind, I wondered if the song would be able to be played acoustically with the right voice.  At Cafe Retro (24 May 2012),…

Analogue Synthesizers: Are you a music monomaniac?

Love analogue synths but don’t have hours to programme sounds? Love analogue sounds but don’t have the cash to fork out for a vintage Moog? If you just want to tweak knobs and lay some awesome synth tracks, then you’re on the same path as MPF’s European Editor Chris Lee Ramsden.  Open up Logic. Open … Continue reading

Editor’s Music Blog Post #002: Mixing it with Max

This week, caught up with Max, at his home to talk through some music ideas. We met for the first time a few weeks ago and caught up over a couple of beers, (after being introduced by my father in law). The meeting brought up surprises and serendipity that I neither of us expected. Max … Continue reading

Editor’s Music Blog Post #001- Starts Here

For many of us, music becomes a drug, way before it becomes a profession. It gives us a rush like nothing else, and when we are in our ‘zone’, whether we are performing, writing or practicing, we feel at one with the universe (As corny as it sounds… it’s the only way I can describe … Continue reading

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