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From the Internet to Abbey Road – Panic at the Disco

Whilst having a rare moment watching television, I came across a documentary shot in the legendary Abbey Road studios (Yes, place that the band from Liverpool recorded many a hit) where the band Grammy nominated Panic at the Disco had a chance to play some of their songs live in this historic studio. It was … Continue reading

Music Fans on World Tour

First stop: Hotel California! The concept of touring locations,clubs, venues and studios where music legends have created moment in history is one that could almost be like a religious pilgrimage to many of us passionate about music.  Martin Contempree, (One of the “C’s” in CCEntertainment – a Music Producers Forums media & promotional partners) is … Continue reading

Producing Singer Songwriters – David Kershenbaum’s work with Tracy Chapman

Producing singer/songwriters can be a double edged sword for the producer. A singer songwriter will have very firm ideas as to the sound of a song, when it comes to laying down the tracks and developing that final mix. In Tracy Chapman’s case, David Kershenbaum was the magic ingredients needed. David’s early experience with producing … Continue reading

Music Production Blog – William Stage 1

William is songwriter and musician who makes his living busking around Sydney’s Central station. He was “discovered” a few years ago by a TV producer, Kristina, who was instantly captivated by his music. Over the past couple of years Kristina and William have collaborated on writing songs, and it was through the Music Producers Forum … Continue reading

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