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Making Rumours – A book by Fleetwood Mac’s Producer Ken Caillat

In 1977 the British-American band Fleetwood Mac released their eleventh and most successful album, ‘Rumours’. This was producer Ken Caillat’s first album recording with the band. It is well known that at the time the band was going through a phase of relationship breakdowns. In my interview with Ken, I asked him how was it … Continue reading

Video: Jay-Z, the Producer who Mastered the Business of Music

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that Jay-Z is the husband who is in the shadow of his wife, Beyonce Knowles. But the fact of the matter is Jay-Z is much more than a multi Grammy winning rapper and Producer. His music career spawned a string of entrepreneurial successes, making Jay-Z worth nearly half … Continue reading

Turning Music Into Food: An Interview with Mike Turner

After recently mastering a new EP for 20 Amp Soundchild, I spoke with producer, Mike Turner. He’s a great performer turned producer with the behind-the-scene insights on the music world today. Enjoy! AC: Can you tell me about Pocket Studios today? MT: I developed Pocket Studios as a great place for bands to work where we … Continue reading

Five minutes of wisdom from Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones needs no introduction as a music legend. With 27 Grammys and music achievements that span across genre, race, generations and continents, he redefines the word legend. Starting in the industry at aged 14, Jones recalls the start of his career working with the ‘founders of American music’, such as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, … Continue reading

Producing Singer Songwriters – David Kershenbaum’s work with Tracy Chapman

Producing singer/songwriters can be a double edged sword for the producer. A singer songwriter will have very firm ideas as to the sound of a song, when it comes to laying down the tracks and developing that final mix. In Tracy Chapman’s case, David Kershenbaum was the magic ingredients needed. David’s early experience with producing … Continue reading

Types of Music Producers and their Functions – MPF Talks to David Kershenbaum

With technology having such a profound impact on the music industry, we asked Grammy winning producer, David Kershenbaum how he saw the role of the Music Producer has been impacted. And it seems that the core functions are like the golden rules that have not changed. David identifies two different kinds of producers that he’s … Continue reading

David Kershenbaum, Producer Profile

David Kershenbaum has an impressive history in the music industry both as an A&R and a music producer. He has produced over 75 international gold and platinum albums and is credited for signing artists such as Janet Jackson, Joe Jackson and Brian Adams. He has also produced artists such as Tracy Chapman, Duran Duran and … Continue reading

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