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Taylor Swift – Hitting the right notes in music and business

Taylor Swift’s multi award winning career, has made her one of the most successful singer-songwriters before the age of 21. In January 2010 Nielsen SoundScan reported Swift as the most successful digital artist in music to date with over 34.3 million digital tracks sold*. I must admit, I have never given a minutes attention to … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 001: Talking with Mitch Joel – Music Journalism and Social Media

Music is now very much all digital;  from production, distribution and now ever more so in the digital and social marketing. For musicians, artists and producers, their digital footprint is becoming more and more of a powerful way of getting heard. Nobody knows this better than one of the leading digital marketing pioneers, Mitch Joel. … Continue reading

Video: Social Music where Facebook welcomes Spotify – Is this the break the music industry has been waiting for?

Today, Facebook has added some music subscription weight to its offerings in welcoming Spotify as a player in it’s stable of new media apps. Are we looking the biggest historic shift in music distribution, since Apple’s iTunes paved the way that Napster could quite achieve? Is this the ‘Social Solution’ that the music industry desperately needs? … Continue reading

Social Media for your music – A guide to Twitter and Facebook

If there were 2 social networks that music artists should have a strong digital footprint in, it is Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with reportedly over 750 million members (Sept 2011). Twitter can seem like it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but tens of millions of fans are … Continue reading

10 Music Marketing Insights

The internet has opened more opportunities for musicians and producers to promote themselves to a global audience in ways that the industry never imagined. US based writer and advisory member of the Music Producers Forum, Hisham Dahud reports on a music seminar that brought together some bright minds giving some pricess advice to all involved … Continue reading

Online Indie Music Sales Company turns 3. Version 3 that is.

The internet has truly opened doors for all artists, and has been a major disruptive force for the foundations of the traditional music marketing and distribution model. Aralie,  is one of those companies that is shaking those foundations as the industry treads on new ground. Just before Christmas (2008), Version 3 was launched.

Australian Website for global Indie Music Online

At the 2008 Sydney Song Summit, I came across a great Australian initiative that’s getting behind Indie artists around the globe. Mysongcast.com is the brainchild of Janine Gregson who recognised the need for a better, more targeted way for musicians and fans to connect.

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