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iPad music production ‘dogma’, putting creativity first: the rUbba nEck Manifesto

With your iPad at hand, here’s a chance to get your songwriting and production skills into action. Music Producer Chris Lee Ramsden, follows the Lars Von Trier  footsteps for electronic musicians, creating the manifesto for rUbba nEck. Interested? Read on…  Music production can be a long, tortuous process. But it doesn’t have to be. Most … Continue reading

2011 Grammys Heralds the Future of Music, the Social Media Powered Independent Musician

Are the independent artists, producers and labels showing the big labels the way of the future? If the 2011 Grammy results are any indication, the answer is an emphatic yes. I was absolutely astounded, and excited at the same time, that the best album was won by an artist I (Nor anyone I know) had … Continue reading

Foresight with 2020 Vision

In recent years, Australia has suffered a number of droughts. The lack of rain, being the immediate one that comes to mind, but the other drought more relevant to readers of this newsletter and website is the decline of Australian music heard on the global scene. Not to say that the talent isn’t here, it … Continue reading

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