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MPF Podcast 008: Ken Caillat on his Career as an Engineer and Producer

Born in 1946, Ken Caillat is a audio engineer and Grammy winning producer who has an amazing working career with a wide range of the music of legendary acts such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, the Beach Boys, Herbie Hancock and Alice Cooper. He is best known as the producer for … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 006: Media and Music – Ben Hammersley

A special interview from the Media Evolution Conference at Malmo Sweden 2012 with Ben Hammersley, editor at large of Wired magazine. Hammersley was also credited as the man who coined the word ‘Podcast’. He also discusses is thoughts on the music industry’s struggle with the internet, digital, online media and the burning topic of digital … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 005: Media Evolution and Music

The Cardigan’s home town of Malmo in Sweden, is also the host city for an important event for the future of all media. Media Evolution focuses on ‘our media industries and society’, with key areas being film, communications, games publishing and of course Music. For the 5th episode of the Music Producers Forum’s podcast series, … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 004: Mark Cawley on Writing for Legends

Mark Cawley’s catalog of work has included writing songs for artists such as Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross and even The Spice Girls. His songs have appeared on more than 15 million records so far. He has even worked with legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach. In this Music Producers Forum podcast episode 4, … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 003: Barry Southgate – To Mars and Back

Barry Southgate has supported major US R&B artists when touring Australia, including the legendary Brian McKnight. In this conversation, I talk to Barry about his time with his idol, and himself becoming a finalist on the Australian Idol competition. We also chat about his time beyond the reality show, and how he independently produced his … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 002: From Kesha to McCartney, studio owner and producer JJ Appleton shares stories and wisdom

 JJ Appleton’s music career included working with top 40 sensation Kesha and her songwriter, and his music has also drawn the attention of Sir Paul McCartney. He was in a popular New York based band Grasshopper and as a signed artist released his own solo album in the UK. In this conversation, I spoke to … Continue reading

MPF Podcast 001: Talking with Mitch Joel – Music Journalism and Social Media

Music is now very much all digital;  from production, distribution and now ever more so in the digital and social marketing. For musicians, artists and producers, their digital footprint is becoming more and more of a powerful way of getting heard. Nobody knows this better than one of the leading digital marketing pioneers, Mitch Joel. … Continue reading

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