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iPad music production ‘dogma’, putting creativity first: the rUbba nEck Manifesto

With your iPad at hand, here’s a chance to get your songwriting and production skills into action. Music Producer Chris Lee Ramsden, follows the Lars Von Trier  footsteps for electronic musicians, creating the manifesto for rUbba nEck. Interested? Read on…  Music production can be a long, tortuous process. But it doesn’t have to be. Most … Continue reading

Video: Donald Fagen talks Arrangement and Chords for Peg

In discussing studio recording styles with a fellow musician/producer, I mentioned a Steely Dan documentary that I posted a few years back on the Forum. In revisiting this video, I came across more detailed and personal interviews where Donald Fagen he talks about the chords and the arrangement for Peg, from their 6th LP Aja released … Continue reading

How Many Plug-Ins Do You Use?

The following article was taken from a seminar my studio partner Bryan Martin and I gave at our mastering studio, Sonosphere, here in Montreal this October.  I wish you all could have been there but here’s a couple things we’ve learned about the design of most plug-ins.

Another Songwriting and Recording Techniques Seminar in Sydney this weekend

A lot going on in Sydney this summer. Songwriters eat your heart out. Pat Pattison and Stephen Webber, both professors at Berklee College of music, are in town and will be holding an intensive three day seminar at JMC Academy this weekend. I had the opportunity to see these guys in action today at the … Continue reading

Basic Songwriting Techniques Part I

A great tune never gives you good enough warning as to when its going to hit you, and if you’re not prepared it could walk out of your head forever, as quickly as it strolled on in. I’m putting down a few techniques I’ve developed over the years on capturing these precious notes.

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