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Since 1926 APRA (the Australasian Performing Right Association) has been making life a little easier for songwriters, composers, and music users. Australian copyright law makes songwriters and composers the exclusive owners of their original music and lyrics. Nobody else can use their work without getting their permission first, and if necessary, paying a royalty for this use. This is where APRA steps in. APRA is a not-for-profit organisation that collects royalties on behalf of its 47,000+ members, and by agreement, for all the copyright owners around the world.

The Music Producers Forum recommends APRA membership as in important protocol for all Australian based songwriters.

Apra are also a proactive industry body organising events such as the annual Song Summit www.songsummit.com.au

Audio Labourers Federation

Visit www.audiolabourersfederation.com

The Audio Labourers Federation (ALF) facilitates an email based discussion forum for all topics related to audio recording for film, video, music and visual media. The forum will also facilitate the announcement of audio jobs available.



Since 2005, Gearwire.com is the musician’s daily source of gear news, how-to videos, product walkthroughs, artist interviews, and anything else related to music gear and its uses. Whether you are in a touring band, a home studio user, or working in any part of the music industry, there’s something for you each day at Gearwire.com

KVR Audio


KVR Audio Plugin Resources is a community and news site for Open Standard Audio Plugins. Their mission is to supply up to date news to the VST, DX, AU and LADSPA community in a friendly and up front manner.

Harmony Central


Harmony-central.com is the leading Internet resource for musicians, supplying valuable information from news and product reviews, to classified ads and chat rooms

Muso FAQ Sydney


is a Myspace page dedicated to the supporting the Sydney Indie scene. It has links and information for local music associations, community radio stations, open mics and singing competitions. Well worth adding as a friend for any songwriter, producer, artist or musician with a Myspace account.



A vibrant online community that supports lovers of independent Australian Music. They have a very good philosophy in running the community. I highly recommend Music Producers Forum members to check it out, join up and get involved.



Reverbnation is the best online tools to date, whether you are an artist, fan, label, manager or a venue. You can register your music, artists or bands and where they are playing. It has a fantastic facility called Tunepacks where you can create a songlist, (Using the player that is browser based), and forward the unique link to anyone else.

It also has the mechanism to add widgets to other html pages, and collect emails for your fanbase. Reverbnation is a resource that has been developed almost to perfection, but now just needs to grow its database of artists and fans.

An absolute must for all Music Producers Forum Members to checkout!



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